Author: hiades

The asymmetry acquires a special role this season, becoming a basic dress that should not fail to pay attention, since the asymmetric ones become the perfect ally for the woman, obtaining that the silhouettes gain harmony, being also stylized The combinations of fabrics merge into the woman's body with structures that emanate lightness, elegance and simplicity, with short, midi and long dresses; but that also evokes sensuality, provided by side and front openings

This new proposal show us large flowery printed in fluid and fresh silhouettes, which provide movement in its path. Playing with the long ones, taking on special prominence the asymmetry, the necklines and the colour palette, betting on the black that merges with an exclusive flowery printed, but also with fine charming  embroidery  made with sequins,  adapting to any moment of the day, always under a halo of elegance, subtlety and simplicity, but 

The dress, in all its variants, becomes the quintessential garment of this new season. Creations of today, but reminiscent of yesterday, with vaporous and light fabrics that create movement and accompany this dress time… Shorts, midi or long dresses, with asymmetrical necklines evocative or subtle, but also betting on the bare back that helps to define the waist of the silhouette of the woman who wears it; and where the details do not

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